Arabic calligraphy

Our Iraqi friend Al, who you met in an earlier post, has revealed himself to be something of an artist and calligrapher. He recently sent me a stylised version of the Wolf of Baghdad in Arabic script.

He wrote “Arabic letters could be modified in shape to add difference to the form that constitute an Arabic word. Letters of a given word could be used by another word which may intertwine with another word...You could see it more of a blend of calligraphy and art rather than just calligraphy.

The word for wolf in stylised Arabic is this –


And the word for Baghdad in stylised Arabic is this –


He then combined the two words together to get The Wolf of Baghdad –


This is his take on the hoopoe bird in Arabic (its crown is the word for hoopoe) –


And finally the word prisoner inside the word for prison –


It would be interesting to hear what readers of Arabic have to say. Anyone? And thanks Al!

6 thoughts on “Arabic calligraphy

  1. Hey! im going to use this on my illustrations account on instagram @mennastrations
    ill give you credit as well! if you do not agree please let me know.
    thanks! i love the calligraphy!


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