The Wolf of Baghdad at Graphic Brighton

I’ve been asked to take part in a panel discussion at Graphic Brighton’s Caption 2017 event about music and comics. Showing some work in progress from the memoir and talking about how the musical components work with the graphic images.

There will also be a series of a ‘lightning talks’  by comic creators including Rachel Ball, Tom Cleary, Ottilie Hainsworth, Jaime Huxtable, Daniel Locke, Michi Mathias and Myfanwy Nixon and a discussion of classic girls’ comics with Hannah Berry, Hannah Eaton and Jenni Scott. Many thanks to Alex Fitch and Graphic Brighton for inviting me.

Meanwhile, here’s a musical cartoon (originally published by the Spectator).




3 thoughts on “The Wolf of Baghdad at Graphic Brighton

  1. Depression brings creativity, but creativity can be brought to life without depression. So there’s a choice :-). Life is good.


  2. Great evening! And I was particularly moved by your work, The wolf in Baghdad it, conjured up issues, memories of migration and displacement. And the sound track underpinned the journey.


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