Thank you…

Many thanks to all those who braved the icy conditions and came to the test performance of the Wolf of Baghdad at Laydeez Do Comics here in London last week. Your support was much appreciated and the feedback forms you kindly filled in will help inform the project’s completion next year. (See below for one audience member’s very creative example!)


I will be submitting an evaluation of this research and development period to the Arts Council England to complete the first part of my project. Next step will be to apply for further funding to finish the graphic memoir and source more repertoire for a full-length performance of the Wolf of Baghdad next year. Aiming for a larger ensemble to accompany the visuals with traditional Arabic instruments such as qanun (plucked zither) and ney (flute), along with modern ones such as electric guitar and bass.

Thanks also to Laydeez Do Comics and the Vauxhall Tea House for hosting us and to the wonderful 3Ayin band; Daniel Jonas, Keith Clouston and Guy Schalom. There’ll be more to come in 2018!

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