An interview with Jewish Renaissance magazine

Many thanks to Jewish Renaissance magazine (sponsored by Dangoor Education) and Rebecca Taylor for their interview with me on The Wolf of Baghdad. To be found, aptly, in the Sephardi Renaissance section of their October 2018 issue.

Booking for the JW3 performances in November here.




3 thoughts on “An interview with Jewish Renaissance magazine

  1. A wonderful light on how to handle two generations’ feelings and views one might been raised in?

    I haven’t heard anyone else who speaks with great clarity and distinction between the different views and feelings of the 1920s and afterward generations of Iraqi Jews as Carol Issacs does? I know this may sound naive of me to say this but I will say it anyway. I am very pleased to hear someone like Carol who makes this distinction between the feelings and views of different generations on how they were treated for example in any given time and society, and that really helps to see history as eras of ups and downs rather than seeing the whole history from one era and its events. So my question to Carol and many like her is: how does she deal with these two forces of the two different views and feelings of the Iraqi Jews of different generations?


    1. Thank you for your response Al. To answer your question about the two different views – well, still working on understanding them! My father, who was a generation older than my mother, grew up during the time when Jews were prospering in Iraq. He had business associates and friends from all communities and would have said that the Jews were doing well. My mother, and her contemporaries, felt differently as they lived in the shadow of the Farhud. So as you rightly pointed out, both perspectives help us to understand our place in Iraqi history.


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