Ahbab Festival, Cambridge

The Wolf will be performed at the 4th annual Ahbab Arabic music festival in Cambridge on Sunday 17th February at 4pm. Following the screening there will be a panel discussion from leading academic experts on the subjects of Iraq, its music and the legacy of its Jewish communities. It will be chaired by Dr Merav Rosenfeld-Hadad of the Woolf Institute at Cambridge University, a musicologist who specialises in all types of Arabic and Middle Eastern music. She usually focuses on the interaction of this music with issues of identity, nationalism, and Jewish-Christian-Muslim relations, in their wider historical, religious, and cultural contexts. She also works on the Living in Harmony project, which deals with music, memory and encounters between Jewish, Muslim and Christian Neighbours.

Booking link here.

Family Tree by The Surreal McCoy


One thought on “Ahbab Festival, Cambridge

  1. I am one of Carol’s first cousins.

    I found the performance to be beyond all expectations. It was a remarkable tableau of Jewish life in Baghdad. Absolutely inspiring. Your exceptional talents of music and art and your beautiful way of expressing all your thoughts to the audience in the Q and A were marvellous. You were able to convey so many emotions that we, who are the offspring of this rich and often forgotten culture, feel in our hearts.

    I followed the story through the music and sympathetic cartoons. The cartoons left so much room for our own thoughts and interpretations which photos and film footage cannot do. We engaged with the narrative.

    I want to see it again in order to take in the cartoons which were so full of detail and so evocative of a place that was recounted to me many, many times and which I doubt I will ever be able to visit. The theme of the wolf and the significance of its presence was depicted so well— how the wolf tried to protect the family but was left forlorn at the end when he could do no more.

    Of course I felt great pride at all the references to our family. It made the story very personal.
    Very well done. What a high standard you set yourself and surpassed it. This project should be viewed to a wide audience. Our story should be told.

    Love from Ann XX


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