UK Jewish Film Festival 2019

Delighted to announce that there will be a Wolf of Baghdad performance at this year’s UK Jewish Film Festival at 6.45pm on Tuesday 12th November at the Phoenix Cinema, London. Tickets are on sale now and you can book here.


This will be a very special screening as a couple of new scenes have been added to the motion comic and, as well as the regular 3yin ensemble, we will have a special guest on qanun, Jon Banks.

Jon Banks

Jon’s group ZRI record and tour throughout Europe, reinventing masterpieces by Brahms, Schubert and Janacek as a Gypsy band. He performs with The Jocelyn Pook Ensemble among others and is a regular musical director at the Globe Theatre. Jon also lectures and writes about Turkish music, on historic English clocks, and early recordings of Hungarian music. He has also played in Burning Bush.

The performance will be followed by a Q&A with myself, Daniel Jonas (3yin’s founder) and Edwin Shuker.

Many thanks to Edwin Shuker for sponsoring this event.

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