May 2020 news


I hope you are safe and well during these extraordinary times. It’s been quite an adjustment for us all hasn’t it?  Unfortunately, the next live performance of The Wolf of Baghdad motion comic at Songlines Festival in London on 31st May has been cancelled but I will let you know if it is to be rescheduled. Along with every other musician I know, every one of our gigs have been cancelled or postponed. But we will somehow find a way to adapt to this new and challenging situation – that’s what being creative is all about! Like a lot of my colleagues I’m taking this time to work on the next project.

The good news is that The Wolf of Baghdad has had some lovely press recently and so I thought I’d share a couple of things with you.

First up is an interview I did with legendary music journalist Robin Denselow for this month’s issue of Songlines magazine: 2020_WOLF_of_Baghdad_SL156 (Click on link to read). He actually reported from Iraq for the BBC during the second Gulf War and had some hair-raising stories to tell. I felt that I should have been interviewing him!

The April issue of Jewish Renaissance magazine ran a review of the graphic memoir by Lyn Julius (author of Uprooted, an invaluable resource about Jewish history in Arab lands). Click this link to read Lyn’s review: 2020_WOLF_SEPHARDI_renaissance

UPDATE: A wonderful review of the book in Tablet Magazine.



In other news you can now buy the DVD-ROM of the Wolf of Baghdad motion comic, and the CD of the soundtrack, from the shop on my website here. It’s a secure site with a special limited offer of free shipping anywhere in the world. Now’s the time to buy!

The graphic memoir itself can be purchased directly from my publisher’s website here.

Wishing you and your loved ones good health and happiness, and I look forward to seeing you some time soon. Until then, be safe and well!


4 thoughts on “May 2020 news

  1. Saw the wolf of Baghdad at jw3 brilliant evening brought the cd as well well presented concert and an interesting concept of iraqi life xx

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  2. BBC Radio 4 The Today program have introduced a daily slot for artists (all mediums) to perform what they would have been performing on this day. It’s called “The Show must Go on” and although it’s only a 60 seconds, it’s heard by millions. A consolation prize. I’m sure they would be interested. It is usually broadcast live at 07:55 (or 08:55)


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