Autumn news

I hope you all had a good summer. Here’s an update on all things Wolf-ish, starting with a live performance of The Wolf of Baghdad at this year’s Tsitsit Festival on Sunday 24th October in London. Our first since the lockdown! Followed by a concert by 3yin. Booking details here.

I will be at the 2021 Lakes International Comic Festival in Kendal over the weekend of 15/16th October, taking part in the Myriad Editions showcase: The Roles We Play, on the theme of culture, class and belonging. Details here.

Manchester Jewish Museum will be showing The Wolf of Baghdad film as part of their Synagogue Nights series next month on Thursday 4th November, more details here. This will be followed by a discussion and a Q&A with me, moderated by Hussein Al Alak of the Iraq Solidarity Campaign. The conversation will be continued the following day at a food-themed lunchtime workshop in the museum’s Learning Room. Come and learn how to stuff a pita the Iraqi way and to make delicious date cookies! (Please check the museum’s website for booking details.)

Last month I was interviewed by the BBC radio for a piece on the Farhud, marking its 80th anniversary. You can listen to the broadcast here (starts 11 min 10 sec in). You can also read a piece in the Jewish News about it here.

That’s it for now, be well and hope you all have a good winter!


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