Hello all, here’s a summer update of Wolf and Wolf-related news…


The Wolf of Baghdad motion comic will be making its first appearance in Israel at the Animix animation and comics festival in Tel Aviv next month. Honoured to have an invitation for a screening which will be followed by a talk and Q&A. Who knows, maybe next stop Baghdad, inshallah!

More details here.

Wolf of Baghdad in schools!

Excited to report that TannenbaumCHAT (a major Jewish high school in Toronto) has chosen The Wolf of Baghdad book as part of their grade 10 history program as a core text for classroom learning! If you know of a school local to you that might like to do the same please do let me know. Let’s get our little-known Mizrahi history onto school curriculums!


After The Wolf of Baghdad was published, a US publishing house asked me if I could do an adaptation suitable for middle-grade readers (ages 9-12). Hopefully to be published in 2023, The Cloak From Baghdad is told from the point of view of Louise (Lulu), a ten-year daughter of Iraqi-Jewish parents. She is curious about her family history and, because her parents never want to talk about it, instead asks her grandmother who is newly arrived from Iraq. She tries on her grandmother’s abaya (the eponymous cloak in the title) and is immediately transported to the family’s house in 1940’s Baghdad. The cloak renders her invisible so she is able to move about unnoticed.

Having already interviewed my family for the original Wolf book, there was a sense of what it must have been like growing up in Baghdad.

And like The Wolf of Baghdad, the main character (young Louise in this case) witnesses both the good and the bad times experienced by the Jews of Iraq. Unlike the Wolf, there is plenty of dialogue…


Earlier this year I was delighted (and very surprised!) to win the inaugural Jewish Children’s Book awards for a story I submitted called Samira’s Stars. Based on an anecdote told to me by my aunt Yvonne, it’s about a special Shabbath night in Baghdad as seen through the eyes of a little girl. While it’s out finding a publisher, here’s a sneak preview of the artwork:

Pages from Samira’s Stars


This summer I am teaching a series of cartoon workshops at the British Library in London to go with their ‘Breaking News‘ exhibition. The next two-day course will take place over August 6-7 at the library itself, focussing on how to read and interpret political cartoons and how cartoons can be effectively used as tools in activism. There will also be practical drawing exercises and the chance to make your own campaign comic. The workshops are open to everyone, regardless of ability – come and literally try your hand!

More details here.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful summer!


One thought on “SUMMER 2022 NEWS

  1. I have bought your book. Wonderful. I am interested to inform you about a theater project that will take place in Holland called Geboortegrond. My parents left Iraq in 1952 with Operation Flying Carpet and I was born in Paris in 1955. We emigrated to Canada in 1957 and I became Canadian when I was 7 years old. Long story short, I traveled to Holland after university studies and met my husband and worked together with him in music and theater. My daughter Maya Link was born in 1986. She also has become a theater artist. She is producing, writing and performing Gebortegrond as a starting experimental project about the exodus of Babylonian jews from Iraq, in search of her mixed & unknown identity. She interviewed my mother (age 92) in Montreal to get a greater insight in her experiences past and present. And what does it mean for the coming generations. This is a start to a bigger project in the future. For more information over the project I enjoyed your book was glad to see that more awareness is coming for this lesser known diaspora history. Best regards, Rita Iny


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