My Grandmother’s stories

My cousin Jonathan has recently started learning Arabic. He remarked to me that its “more of a nostalgia for the sounds of my childhood. I’m constantly surprised at the words that come back to me and the memories they evoke.”  I understand that very well.  Listening back to my uncle Nessim Hay’s recordings of my […]

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A Room With A View

In the graphic memoir my character explores the house in which she finds herself. The classic Baghdadi house had a room on the second floor called the kabishkan which had glass-fronted walls that looked out onto the inner courtyard. It was used as a living room and sometimes as a storage space for dried food. My aunt Flora […]

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The Wolf Of Baghdad

A Memoir Of A Lost Homeland The Finns have a word – kaukokaipuu, which means a feeling of homesickness for a place you’ve never been to. I’ve been living in two places all my life; the England I was born in, and the lost world of my Iraqi-Jewish family’s roots. As a cartoonist and illustrator […]

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