UK Jewish Film Festival 2019

Delighted to announce that there will be a Wolf of Baghdad performance at this year’s UK Jewish Film Festival at 6.45pm on Tuesday 12th November at the Phoenix Cinema, London. Tickets are on sale now and you can book here. This will be a very special screening as a couple of new scenes have been added […]

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The Photo

Out of the few family photos that have survived there’s one that I love in particular. Its of my maternal grandmother and some of her children sitting on a swing in their garden in Baghdad. My mother, aunt Flora and uncle Eli are in the photo, perhaps my uncle Nessim was behind the camera, and […]

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Family recollections

Much of The Wolf of Baghdad is based on family testimonies that I have collected for this project or heard over the years. Last year I asked members of my family, either face-to-face or over Skype, for recollections of their lives in Baghdad. I then drew their portrait and used some of the quotes as […]

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Ahbab Festival, Cambridge

The Wolf will be performed at the 4th annual Ahbab Arabic music festival in Cambridge on Sunday 17th February at 4pm. Following the screening there will be a panel discussion from leading academic experts on the subjects of Iraq, its music and the legacy of its Jewish communities. It will be chaired by Dr Merav […]

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Thank you ! شكرا لكم

A huge thank you and شكرا لكم to all those who attended The Wolf of Baghdad performances at JW3 last week, it was wonderful to see you there. Sorry if you weren’t able get a ticket – it was heavily oversubscribed and I was told the venue could have sold out two more nights! There […]

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The Past is Another Country

How can we remain fully in the present when the past is still on our minds? Being so immersed in my family’s history this last year has proved something of a challenge. There’s been no great epiphany or sense of closure on completion of this memoir, just sadness at what has been lost and still […]

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The Writing on the Wall

The Farhud (Arabic word for ‘pogrom’) took place on June 1st 1941. Following a power vacuum that followed the collapse of the pro-Nazi government of the time, people rioted against the Jewish population for two days. Many were killed, their homes and businesses destroyed. It spelled the beginning of the end for the Jews of […]

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Here’s another in the series of short videos from The Wolf of Baghdad. This time its about where you belong – is it the place of your birth, or your parents’ homeland? Especially if you’re first-generation British, living in one world in the family home and in another outside. We grew up with Arabic (both […]

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Up On The Roof

I was often told about the hot summer nights in Baghdad and how everyone would take their beds up on the roof to sleep under the stars. My aunt Yvonne recalled: “Beds with mosquito nets were set up and the whole family slept there. For a little girl the night sky dense with stars was […]

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Storks and a sandstorm

Well, I have now finished the memoir and am in the process of turning it into a semi-animated slideshow. Did you know that there’s a term for this type of thing? It’s called ‘motion comics’. Lately, I’ve been having a recurring dream about storks and sandstorms…        

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