Thank you…

Many thanks to all those who braved the icy conditions and came to the test performance of the Wolf of Baghdad at Laydeez Do Comics here in London last week. Your support was much appreciated and the feedback forms you kindly filled in will help inform the project’s completion next year. (See below for one […]

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A Room With A View

In the graphic memoir my character explores the house in which she finds herself. The classic Baghdadi house had a room on the second floor called the kabishkan which had glass-fronted walls that looked out onto the inner courtyard. It was used as a living room and sometimes as a storage space for dried food. My aunt Flora […]

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Ghosts and the cartoon mentor

I know what you’re thinking. No, not a cartoon mentor but a mentor who happens to be an actual, living cartoonist. In this case one Hilary Price, the creator of the award-winning Rhymes With Orange cartoon strip which appears in many newspapers in the USA and internationally. She also teaches cartooning at the Centre for Cartoon […]

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