Remembering Iraq

On the Tube home the other night, after a screening of the wonderful new documentary Remember Baghdad, I fell into conversation with one of the audience, an Iraqi lady called Dina. We were complete strangers but found ourselves talking about the film and its effect on us. She told me that she had lost her […]

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broadcasting the wolf

Many thanks to Gil Karpas and the JMI (Jewish Music Institute) for interviewing me earlier this week for their monthly podcast. Also featured is Daniel Jonas, founder of new Judeo-Arabic band 3Ayin, multi-instrumentalist and singer and, happily, my musical collaborator.  

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My Grandmother’s stories

My cousin Jonathan has recently started learning Arabic. He remarked to me that its “more of a nostalgia for the sounds of my childhood. I’m constantly surprised at the words that come back to me and the memories they evoke.”  I understand that very well.  Listening back to my uncle Nessim Hay’s recordings of my […]

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Tea, cake and graphic novels

The graphic novel forum Laydeez Do Comics are kindly hosting me next month to present excerpts from the work in progress. I’m about a third of the way through the graphic memoir and will show it as a slideshow, accompanied by music from the newly-formed Judeo-Arabic ensemble 3Ayin (pronounced ‘ayin’ and meaning ‘eye’ in Hebrew). It […]

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A Room With A View

In the graphic memoir my character explores the house in which she finds herself. The classic Baghdadi house had a room on the second floor called the kabishkan which had glass-fronted walls that looked out onto the inner courtyard. It was used as a living room and sometimes as a storage space for dried food. My aunt Flora […]

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Ghosts and the cartoon mentor

I know what you’re thinking. No, not a cartoon mentor but a mentor who happens to be an actual, living cartoonist. In this case one Hilary Price, the creator of the award-winning Rhymes With Orange cartoon strip which appears in many newspapers in the USA and internationally. She also teaches cartooning at the Centre for Cartoon […]

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The Wolf Of Baghdad

A Memoir Of A Lost Homeland The Finns have a word – kaukokaipuu, which means a feeling of homesickness for a place you’ve never been to. I’ve been living in two places all my life; the England I was born in, and the lost world of my Iraqi-Jewish family’s roots. As a cartoonist and illustrator […]

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