Up On The Roof

I was often told about the hot summer nights in Baghdad and how everyone would take their beds up on the roof to sleep under the stars. My aunt Yvonne recalled:

“Beds with mosquito nets were set up and the whole family slept there. For a little girl the night sky dense with stars was fascinating but also frightening. Falling stars used to worry me as I thought this might happen to earth our star, so I would then creep into the foot of my parents’ bed where I felt safer.”


I will be presenting a preview of the project and will be interviewed by Panel Border‘s Alex Fitch at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival this coming weekend. More about LICAF here.

Booking is open for the two full performances of The Wolf of Baghdad at London’s JW3 on 21st and 22nd November. More information here.


3 thoughts on “Up On The Roof

  1. Hi Carol ! Hope all is well. Which night would you recommend

    Both are sooooo tempting I can’t decide Looking forward big time !

    Love Dina x

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  2. That brings to life sleeping on roofs childhood memories and it’s intricate details such as everyone apart from parents would make his or her on bed toward the evening, and folding it and stacking it in the allocated room on the roof to avoid the burning sun, and asking your sister or brother to do it for you if you were staying in the swimming pool longer time and in return you do it for them some other time. We used to race to make them as soon as the sun sets so when going to bed later the bed is quite cool to sleep on.

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